#1 Stress and Chronic Disease

Do you manage your stress well! This video will discuss:

Your ability to cope with stress is directly linked to your chances of developing a chronic disease  This video will discuss:

  •  How stress affects the body
  •  Causes of stress
  •  How to measure stress levels
  •  Coping strategies for stress

#2 The Orphan Spirit

Father absence may well be the most critical issue of our time  This video will discuss:

  •  The Orphan spirit & The spirit of Sonship
  •  The Social Consequences of fatherlessness
  •  How fatherlessness affects our health
  •  Ministry of the Father’s Love

#3 Mental Health: Addressing Fear, Guilt and Shame

Many persons are tormented by disturbing thoughts in their head. This video will discuss:

  •  The root of mental illness
  •  How to take control of your thoughts
  •  Recognising destructive thoughts
  •  Freedom from destructive thoughts

#4 Is Self-Pity keeping you back

If someone or something else is the source of my problem, I am giving my power over to it.

Could this be Self – Pity?

Self Pity comes naturally to many of us, but it can have a negative effect on your life. This video will discuss:


  • What is self-pity
  • How does it manifest
  • Are there negative effects on your life
  • How you can overcome it

#5 My Mental Health Journey

See the redemptive hand of God taking me from a place of searching for significance and looking for love in all the wrong places to a place of identity in Him and knowing and experiencing His unconditional love and faithfulness. 

#6 Are you living under a cloud of Depression

  • How does Depression manifest
  • Life Traumas and their link to Depression
  • Spiritual Roots of Depression
  • Getting out of Depression

#7 Intimacy with God

  • Encounter the Greatest Lover in the earth
  • Discover who this Great God of love is and how much He desires intimacy with you
  • Find out how you can fill up your love tank and love deficit
  • Gain tools to improve your mental health as you grow in intimacy

#8 Are you a designer original

  • Are you struggling with your identity and purpose?
  • Are you a designer’s original?
  • Was there a plan when He formed you in your mother’s womb?
  • Can you be empowered to walk in your orignal design?

#9 The Unloving Spirit

Are you living with the torment of an unloving spirit and abuse? This video will discuss:

  • What is the unloving spirit?
  • How does it manifest?
  • How can you overcome the unloving spirit?

#10The Gift of Life and the Art of Parenting

Life is a gift from God. It is not an accident. “As arrows are in the hand of a mighty man; so are children of your youth.” This video will discuss:

  • As parents, how do you prepare for the birth of a new life?
  • How do you as father and mother nurture your child?
  • Will you train up your child in a loving and safe environment?
  • Will you help him to be all that God has called him?

#11. Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder

Are you struggling to overcome (PTSD) Post Traumatic Stress Disorder? This video will discuss:

  • Why do only some who experience trauma develop PTSD?
  • What are the factors that influence the development of PTSD?
  • How can you overcome PTSD?

#12. Transforming Revival

Are you longing to see transforming revival come to your community? This video will discuss:

  • What does transforming revival look like?
  • Are there obstacles to transforming revival coming to your community?
  • How can you remove these obstacles and pursue transforming revival?

#13. The Kingdom of God

This video will discuss:

  • What is the Kingdom of God?
  • Where is it?
  • How does it operate?
  • What is its influence?

#14. Are you listening to the voice of your accuser?

Are you listening to the voice of the accuser in your head, and giving it power? This video will discuss:

  • Who is the accuser of our brethren?
  • The goal of accusing spirits.
  • How can you overcome it?

#15. Is your Passion for God bubbling over?

This video will discuss:

  • Passion – What is it, how do you get it?
  • Are you hot, or cold in your passion for God?
  • What is God passionate about?

#16. The Root and Fruit of Pride

It’s been said that pride is the greatest hindrance to knowing God, to revival, to unity and reaching the lost! Pride goes before destruction and a haughty spirit before a fall! This video will discuss:

  • What is ungodly pride?
  • How does it manifest?
  • How can it be dealt with?

#17. The Fear of the Lord 

It’s been said the number one hindrance to Revival is the loss of the fear of God! This video will discuss:

  • What does it mean to have the fear of the Lord?
  • What are some consequences for losing it?
  • How can we get it?

#18. Is something replacing God in your life?

Is something replacing God in your life? Idols? This video will discuss:

  •  Are you being held captive by them?
  •  How are the idols in your life affecting you?
  •  Is there a way of escape?