Welcome to the In Health and Freedom Bible Club! You should know that I am a Bible fanatic!  I love it, I think it and I want you to love it too!  It’s one of the most exciting books ever written. It’s for everyone – the young, the old, the infirm. In reading or listening to the Bible, you can really get to know the God who inspired it and you can really get to know who He intended you to be! And the Bible is the foundation for truth, health, freedom and prosperity!

It’s a big book – the Bible, with 66 books – 39 in the Old Testament and 27 in the New Testament, but my hope is that you will grow in understanding with some of the tools you will find here!  Discipleship is so important and teaching the Bible is a part of Discipleship!

The Bible Project is one of the most inspirational websites on the Bible that I have ever discovered, and I will point you to some exciting Videos and Study Notes they have produced to help you enjoy and better understand the Bible. 

This Bible Club is in its’ developmental stages so I have posted some study guides on What is the Bible, How to read the Bible and on the first five books of the Bible called The Pentateuch.  More will be added over time.

So, have fun on the Bible club and send me your feedback on what you learn and what you think of the site. 

To begin, View the following Bible Project videos on:




GENESIS CHAPTERS 1-11 Overview –

GENESIS CHAPTERS 12 – 50 Overview


EXODUS CHAPTERS 19 – 40 Overview

NUMBERS Overview


JOSHUA Overview

JUDGES Overview

RUTH Overview

You can also read or download the Study Notes and Posters on the above books of the Bible at

Study Notes:

How to read the Bible Study Notes:

Story of the Bible Study Notes:

Genesis Pt 1 Chapters 1-11 Study Notes:

Genesis Pt 2 Chapters 12 -50 Study Notes:

Exodus Pt 1 Study Notes:

Exodus Pt 2 Study Notes:

Leviticus Study Notes:

Holiness Study Notes:

The Messiah Study Notes:

Heaven and Earth Study Notes:

Day of the Lord Study Notes:

The Holy Spirit Study Notes:

The Covenant Study Notes:



There are 66 books in the Bible, 39 books makeup the Old Testament and 27 books make up the New Testament.  The Bible was inspired by God for our doctrine, reproof, correction and instruction in righteousness.

The Bible was written by many authors over a long period of time. To learn more

The Bible is one complete continuous story and is best read from the beginning starting with Genesis through to Revelation. Reading it randomly takes away from the intended message of the authors.


Key elements of The Story of the Bible involve Creation and the Royal Task, Rebellion and the Fallout, God’s Covenant with Israel, Jesus and the Kingdom of God, the Spreading of Kingdom People, The Return of the King.

There are three main literary styles in the Bible – Narrative, Poetry and Prose Discourse.  To learn more about literary styles which will help you to better understand the Bible

The Bible is divine but written by human authors, so we must study the Bible as we would any other human language – the goal being to determine the author’s original intended meaning.

Determining the author’s original meaning involves finding the historical and literary context of that passage.


Worldview is the way we look at and interpret the world. Your worldview interprets, explains and defines the world and does more to affect development, prosperity or poverty than does physical environment or other circumstances. 

The Bible answers the following basic world view questions. As you read it, try to find the answers to these questions.

  1. What is the nature of reality (What exists)?
  2. Who is God?
  3. What is man?
  4. Where did I come from?
  5. Why am I here?
  6. Where am I going?
  7. What happens to man after death?
  8. Questions about truth
    1. Is there truth?
    2. What can I know?
    3. How can I know
  9. Where did evil come from?
  10. What is the basis of ethics and morality?
  11. What’s wrong with the world?
  12. What can be done to fix it?

You can begin to answer some of these questions by understanding the nature and character of God, how did you get here and what is your purpose.


Genesis Chapters 1 to 12

Key Ideas in Genesis 1-12: 

Chapter 1,2

  • Origin of the World
  • God makes a good world for man
  • God creates order and beauty out of chaos and darkness
  • Human beings are divine image bearers and God’s representatives on earth Gen 1:26-30; Gen 2:15
  • God had intimate fellowship with Adam and Eve in the garden of Eden

Chapter 3,4

  • Human selfishness and sin lead to breakup of God’s relationship with humans

and the ruin of God’s world

  • God responds to sin by judgment of rebellion and by offering grace by blessings for the future world

Chapter 6 -12

  • God initiates His plan to rescue humanity through His covenant with Abraham


Read Genesis 1 to 11.

Genesis Chapters 12 to 50

Key Ideas in Genesis 12 – 50

God’s Promise to Abraham

  • Origin of the Nation of Israel
  • Inheriting the Land of Canaan
  • Receiving a Great Name
  • All nations will be blessed through Abraham
  • Sin & folly of Abraham’s family
  • God remains committed to Abraham’s family
  • God works through the weak and marginalized